vCenter5.5 service crashing with “Protocol error in TDS stream”

Hi All,

The environment , had an interesting issue were vCenter service was not starting and crashing

It started all of a sudden.

2015-04-07T23:31:17.822-04:00 [04324 warning ‘Default’] [VdbStatement] Bind parameters:
2015-04-07T23:31:17.822-04:00 [04324 verbose ‘Default’] [Vdb::Connection::Mend] Mending the connection
2015-04-07T23:31:20.833-04:00 [04324 trivia ‘Default’] [Vdb::FetchConnectionFromPool] 7 out of 10 connections are available
2015-04-07T23:31:20.864-04:00 [04324 trivia ‘Default’] [Vdb::NotifyRelease] 3 out of 10 connections are in use
2015-04-07T23:31:20.864-04:00 [04324 verbose ‘Default’] [VdbStatement]Executing SQL: select TABLE_NAME, INDEX_NAME, COL_NAME from VPX_INDEX_COLUMN
2015-04-07T23:31:20.927-04:00 [04324 error ‘Default’] [VdbStatement::ResultValue::GetText] Error to get value at pos: 2, ctype: -8 for SQL “select TABLE_NAME, INDEX_NAME, COL_NAME from VPX_INDEX_COLUMN”
2015-04-07T23:31:20.927-04:00 [04324 trivia ‘Default’] [Vdb::NotifyRelease] 2 out of 10 connections are in use
2015-04-07T23:31:20.927-04:00 [04324 trivia ‘Default’] [VdbSchemaLoader::LoadTableIndexInfo] Error loading VPX_INDEX_COLUMN from database: ODBC error: (HY000) – [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0]Protocol error in TDS stream
2015-04-07T23:31:20.927-04:00 [04324 info ‘Default’] [VdbSchemaLoader::LookupSchemaFromDB] Loaded schema and index information from DB

Based on the logs , I believed it a sql issue initially and started troubleshooting it .

Thought there was a corruption with vCenter DB and replaced and tried , still the same error.

After some googling and checking if the sql statements themselves able to execute on the sql db. I started looking at the network .

Ran ping tests between the vCenter and the SQL DB , and saw few ping drops after every 10 packets.

Figured it out as a network issue ย , and then powered off the vCenter and re-registered it on the other host on the cluster .

Whaao ๐Ÿ™‚ , there you go !!! Everything started working fine.

There was an issue with the uplink ย on the original host.

Happy troubleshooting ๐Ÿ™‚



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