Unable to Power ON a VM in vCenter 6

Hello All,

If you come across an issue were you are unable to power on a VM on vCenter 6.


Error Received : A general System error occurred. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

This can happen if you accidentally stopped the VMware vCenter workflow manager service.

Start the VMware vCenter workflow manager service and vm power on operations works fine.

I believe this is the orchestrator workflow service , but the integration of it related to powering on vm is interesting.

I believe we need to wait and check on more information from VMware.

Happy Thinking 🙂


EVO RAIL ?? What’s this now

EVO Rail is VMware pitch into the hyper-converged market with a top of the line designed product .
It’s a Hyper-Converged building block, with management, storage, compute, and networking, all intergrated with hardware and software stack in a single product.

Key Points

EVO:RAIL is a complete VMware developed solution
EVO:RAIL is fully compatible with all VMware and VMware ecosystem solutions .
EVO:RAIL is complementary to your existing datacenter investments., means it’s easily integrable to your existing virtualized datacenter
EVO:RAIL gives you broad choice of hardware vendors like Dell, HP, SuperMicro, Hitachi, NetApp, EMC, Fujitsu, Inspur, Net One
EVO:RAIL completely transforms the user experience from purchase through to configuration, management, and ongoing support.
It allows you the option to Scale In and Scale Out .

What is EVO RAIL made of ?

It is a solution which has the hypervisor ESXi 5.5 and above ,along with VMware Storage stack VSAN intergated into the kernel , vCenter as the management solution along with the booting agent EVO rail engine.

It requires
Minimum requirement of 3 nodes for a Virtual SAN cluster
Minimum requirements: VMware vSphere® 5.5 U1 (any edition), VMware Virtual SAN™ 5.5
May include OEM management software
Traditional VMware deployment model
Standard VMware and OEM support.

Thus long story cut short , EVO RAIL is a market bet by VMware to challenge Nutanix and other startups in the Hyper-converged market which is fast picking up pace.
With the reputation ,innovation at VMware and partnership with OEM vendors , it looks like it will give the challengers a run for their money.

Embedded install vCenter 6.0

Before installing vCenter 6.0 Embedded , please make sure that all the minimum requirements for vCenter are satisfied.


1. Launch the installer.


2. Accept the EULA


3.Select the Deployment Mode


4. Give the System Name


5. Provide vCenter Single Sign on Information


6. Choose the Account used for vCenter Service


7. Configure Database Settings


8. Ports Configuration


9. Install Directory


10. Confirm all the settings , and Ready to Install


11. Installer goes through installing various components


12. Install comples , can launch the vSphere-WebClient