EVO RAIL ?? What’s this now

EVO Rail is VMware pitch into the hyper-converged market with a top of the line designed product .
It’s a Hyper-Converged building block, with management, storage, compute, and networking, all intergrated with hardware and software stack in a single product.

Key Points

EVO:RAIL is a complete VMware developed solution
EVO:RAIL is fully compatible with all VMware and VMware ecosystem solutions .
EVO:RAIL is complementary to your existing datacenter investments., means it’s easily integrable to your existing virtualized datacenter
EVO:RAIL gives you broad choice of hardware vendors like Dell, HP, SuperMicro, Hitachi, NetApp, EMC, Fujitsu, Inspur, Net One
EVO:RAIL completely transforms the user experience from purchase through to configuration, management, and ongoing support.
It allows you the option to Scale In and Scale Out .

What is EVO RAIL made of ?

It is a solution which has the hypervisor ESXi 5.5 and above ,along with VMware Storage stack VSAN intergated into the kernel , vCenter as the management solution along with the booting agent EVO rail engine.

It requires
Minimum requirement of 3 nodes for a Virtual SAN cluster
Minimum requirements: VMware vSphere® 5.5 U1 (any edition), VMware Virtual SAN™ 5.5
May include OEM management software
Traditional VMware deployment model
Standard VMware and OEM support.

Thus long story cut short , EVO RAIL is a market bet by VMware to challenge Nutanix and other startups in the Hyper-converged market which is fast picking up pace.
With the reputation ,innovation at VMware and partnership with OEM vendors , it looks like it will give the challengers a run for their money.


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