vCenter Host Gateway …An initial step for a Multi-hypervisor environment

While reading through the documentation for vSphere 6.0 , vCenter Host Gateway caught my eye. To be frank, I was unaware of existence of something like this in vSphere 6, until I read about it .

vCenter host gateway is a host feature which allows you to add and manage hosts of different virtual environments builds into your current vCenter. It’s being currently distributed as an appliance which uses winrm to communicate with Hyper-V servers.

The reason I say it’s an initial step in this vast region of possibility as it’s currently only supporting Hyper-V servers. However, there are talks and active work going to use available APIs to integrate with KVM , Xen and also our own vCloud AIr.

Also ,there are certain limited actions only which you can perform currently with these hosts. Few of them are

1. Adding the Hyper-V hosts to vCenter and datacenter.

2. Removing the hosts.

3. Reboot and Shutdown of the hosts

4. Disconnect and Reconnect.

Definitely, you would not be able to create a cluster and add Hyper-V hosts for HA and DRS features, as there are ESXi specific agents which gets installed and manage these features, but vCenter Host Gateway is definitely a right step in the multi-vendor space, and something which needs to be kept a close watch on.

Happy Reading 🙂