NSX 6.2 – what it brings to the table?

NSX 6.2 was available for download last night . Quite recently, I have started working on this product and is trying to figure out it’s nuts and screws . VMware known for it’s fast pace of innovation has taken NSX at a different level.

vSphere 6.0 brought lot of new features, scale up and scale out , containers support , VIO and cross vCenter vmotion support. Now, with NSX 6.2 along with vSphere 6.0 supports cross vCenter  Logical Switches, Distributed Logical Routers and distributed firewall. This allows you to stretch your datacenter, its policies, layer2-7 all along to a different site with few clicks.

Well, how does NSX makes it possible ? I will cover this in more details in my later blogs . In brief, NSX 6.2 has brought a concept of “Universal Objects”. Let’s assume , firewall rules at one vCenter such as “Allow HTTP “, can be marked as Universal and hence these rule can be stretched across vCenters.

There are certain caveats , in the upgrade and deployment of control clusters in NSX 6.2 , as well as the primary and secondary concepts of NSX manager. Watch out for this space, and I would explain in detail about deployment modes, and NSX sync services.

Happy Learning 🙂


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