Orphaned VMs : Cannot complete the licence assignment operation

After a very long time , have took out few minutes to share an issue which I faced during a recent deployment .

The vSphere stack was completely deployed and after setting up F5 for PSC load-balancing the last step of repointing vCcenter to F5 vIP was completed using the cmsso-util and everything worked fine. However, for some reason I rebooted the vCenter machine , and after it came back up the performance was very slow , along with all VMs in the setup appearing orphaned.

I started my troubleshooting , restarted services , checked Dataabase connection, database space usage etc.etc. . I disconnected one of the ESXi host , and then tried to connect it back and I faced the below error.airtelvc.JPG

This setup was getting newly built and was under evaluation, so I grabbed the licenses and tried to apply, however the options was grayed out . Then , I tried multiple reboots checked logs and it was license assignment failure, but I was unsure “How to fix it “. Then I checked the Windows event viewer System logs ,and to my surprise I see the “Error Description: License Activation (SLUI.exe) failed with the following error code: 0x80004005“.

Googled it , and fixed it by going into Internet Explorer>Connection settings > Lan Settings > and checking the option “Automatically Detect Settings”, and everything started working fine and I started getting alerts about the setup running on evaluation mode.

Wow!! God knows how did I ran into the problem, and why was it fixed but an interesting issue , which I thought is “Worth Sharing”





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