NSX Top 10 Use cases

Folks , just wanted to share the top 10 use cases for NSX deployment which comes forward during discussions with the customers
Here is also a list of each use case:

Use Case 1: Pure micro-segmentation for servers and VDI environments
Controlling traffic between devices within same subnet or within a network at the vNic level which is the closest to the VM.
Purpose : Cyber-security (eliminate the threat of lateral attacker movement within DC) and compliance.

Use Case 2: Pass your PCI audit in record time
Segment zones based on business purposes, without the need for re-architecture, re-addressing or expensive capital expenditure and satisfy PCI-DSS compliance for large banks
Purpose : Achieve compliance (such as PCI) in very little time.

Use Case 3: Dynamic isolation of virtual machines based on their security groups and dynamic policy implementation
Purpose : Automatically scans VMs and place affected machines in quarantine until they are remediated, and also Quickly and dynamically isolates security risk.
Allow implementation of pre-defined security and zone based policies on dynamic VM creations.

Use Case 4: Advanced IDS/IPS security – Palo Alto Firewalls example .
L4-L7 security services as close to the source of the traffic and reduce security risk associated with east-west traffic.

Use Case 5: Collapsed DMZ deployment models
Deploy new services and applications onto a flat network, removing the need for multiple physical connections to a firewall and complex routing domains. Facilitates provisioning of services and reducing time to market.

Use Case 6: Multi-site Network and Security (cross vCenter) and Disaster Recovery
Purpose : Extend Layer 2 segments across multiple DC’s and enable customers to place workloads anywhere, while keeping consistent security policies across DCs. Saves cost on expensive mechanisms as OTV.
Allows close integration with SRM and saves IP re-addressing , reducing RTO . Also allows to have Active -Active site deployments.

Use Case 7 : Private Cloud / IaaS – Platform choice
Purpose : Enable developers to access a self-service portal and deploy applications based on templates , as well choose their own choice of hypervisor with NSX integration with Openstack, NSX-T and NSX-V.

Use Case 8: Reducing capital expenditure in expensive hardware devices
Purpose:  Provide network services (such as Load-balancing and Firewall) at a reduced cost.

Use Case 9:NSX-ROBO & SD-WAN
Purpose :  Combine the previous use case of NSX-ROBO with SD-WAN partner solutions, and reduce operational costs of branch connectivity and maintenance . Allows , integrated branch consolidation.

Use Case 10: SDDC as a Service
Purpose : Access public cloud resources and services, managed by vCenter Server. Choose your network dynamically on private cloud or public cloud by extending your current network into public cloud environments.


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