vCenter License Error

Hi All,

Just wanted to share another issue which I experienced related to the license service . I ran into the issue after a reboot of the PSC , vCenter machines post a maintenance activity .

Small information about the setup, PSC is external windows based and vCenter is also windows based. After the reboot , on clicking of the “Licensing ” tab on web-client or vSphere-Client gives the error : Assigning VC license failed with class Vmacore::Soap::InvalidResponseException(Invalid response code: 503 Service Unavailable) .

I checked the license service log on the PSC machine, and also found below error:

Vpxd::License::LicenseClientFaultTolerance::ProcessLicenseChanges threw class Vmacore::Exception(License client start has failed.)

I rebooted the PSC machine once again , but the issue still remained . After bit of research through the logs , it was understood that there is an issue were the license client is expiring for a wait period as other PSC services are taking time to start.

Thus, I stop the VMware Directory service (which inturn stops all the dependent service) on PSC , and then first started the license service , then the VMware Directory Service .

As I guessed, this fixed the issue and I was able to view the licenses under the Licenses tab.

Hope, this helps if any one of you run into a similar issue.




One thought on “vCenter License Error

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