VCM installation issues – Troubleshooting

Hi All,

This was the first time, I was working on a VCM (vRealize Configuration Manager) single tier deployment for a customer, and experienced an issue which I am sharing with this blog and it’s resolution.

  • VCM version – 5.8.3
  • Single Tier – SQL server database instance was deployed and configured
  • SQLXML and SSRS service was also configured.
  • SQL was running with a service account

Once the VCM installer was run, it passed all the pre-requisites check and proceeded with the VCM installation in about 30 minutes. Post the installation, I restarted the server as a general reboot, this is when after the reboot the SQL service would not start at all on the server.

After multiple reboots, I reviewed the logs and below was the error message found:

Event Viewer > Application logs

SQL logs

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\Log\error.log

The server was unable to initialize encryption because of a problem with a security library. The security library may be missing. Verify that security.dll exists on the system.

Next, I googled around and as VCM uses TLS 1.0, I opened the below registry path to check the registry settings on the server


Changed the settings as below for both Client and Server

DisabledbyDefault – 0

Enabled – 1

Restarted the machine after that , and wow!! the sql service was started automatically .

However, I ran into the next problem where I was unable to access the VCM console or login page, and getting the below error:

“Your id is not allowed to access, please contact your administrator”

This was very strange, as I was using the service account to login to the VCM portal. After some googling I stumbled upon VMware KB : and then checked the permissions of in the VCM database tablename – ecm_sysdat_logins, and to my surprise for all the login accounts the login active was 0 . Thus, I used the steps on the KB to allow login for few accounts, and then VCM login page was accessible and was able to configure it.