vCloud Director Load Balancing with NSX Edge

After a lot of searching around the internet , I was still unable to find something which specifically defines configuration of vCloud Director load balancing on NSX Edge
We do have whitepaper’s available for vRealize Automation components load balancing, but at-least I didn’t get something . Thus, thought of writing something which may help in future.

Firstly, this is based on vCloud Director 8.20 and NSX 6.3.2 version. Below is the topology , of the configuration., where NSX load balancer is configured in One ARM mode.


HTTP Certificates (With SSL Offload for HTTP):

Ideally, for the individual Cells you want to issue a certificate that MATCHES the hostname . This will be used by the load balancer to connect via SSL to the hosts in the pool. Also this will allow to connect directly to a cell without a certificate error. Thus, Obtain a certificate for the Load Balancer VIP address to install directly onto the load balancer NSX edge. This will be the secure connection the clients use when connecting through the load balancer. This setup ensures client to load balancer and load balancer to cell is encrypted.

In this example, SSL pass-through was configured for Portal acces, and as you would know console is a pure TCP connection and have to allow pass-through.

Below is Load balancer configuration on the NSX Edge.

1.Enabled the Load Balancer on newly deployed NSX Edge with X-Large size.


2. Added three application profile for VCD Portal (HTTPS), VCD Portal (HTTP) and VCD Console (TCP)


3. Created Service Monitoring for Console and HTTPS Portal access. Used the default http monitor for HTTP access for portal.



4. Added machine into Pools for HTTPS, HTTP and Console connection with the respective Service monitor.


5. Created the Virtual IP for respective Pools


Then validated the access from the internet for the portal and tried opening the console which worked fine. I have not got into details on changes which need to be made on your physical network for the same.

Hope, this would give a fair idea for setting up the VCD LB on NSX Edge.

Happy Diwali!!