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vSphere 6.5 GA became available yesterday , and you can visit William Lam amazing content for accessing all the required documents and download files for the same.

All vSphere 6.5 release notes & download links

One of prime features of this new release is vCenter appliance inbuilt HA feature.

A vCenter HA cluster will consist of three vCenter server appliance instances. The first instance initially deployed as Active node, and then once HA is enabled a clone is done twice for passive and witness node. All these 3 VMs together form the HA architecture for vCenter.

When vCenter HA configuration is complete, only the Active node has an active management interface (public IP). The three nodes communicate over a private network called vCenter HA network that is set up as part of configuration. The Active node and the Passive node are continuously replicating data.


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Integrating NSX with vRealize Automation – Part I -VMware Blogs

Integrating NSX with vRealize Automation – Part I

NSX and vRealize Automation are two major products from VMware. You use vRealize Automation to build a Cloud environment and use NSX for building a Software-Defined-Network environment. Individually they are awesome products and when you mix them up, you get an overdose of awesomeness. Fun apart, the actual power of Software Defined Datacenter The post Integrating NSX with vRealize Automation – Part I appeared first on VMware Cloud Management .

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