Unable to Power ON a VM in vCenter 6

Hello All,

If you come across an issue were you are unable to power on a VM on vCenter 6.


Error Received : A general System error occurred. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

This can happen if you accidentally stopped the VMware vCenter workflow manager service.

Start the VMware vCenter workflow manager service and vm power on operations works fine.

I believe this is the orchestrator workflow service , but the integration of it related to powering on vm is interesting.

I believe we need to wait and check on more information from VMware.

Happy Thinking 🙂


vCenter server and Inventory service slow performance / Migration failing with pbmfault error

Hi All ,

I came across this issue today, vCenter server started to perform very slowly and the Inventory service was taking a very long time to start.

There was no specific issues , and it all started so suddenly to my surpise.

It’s a vCenter 5.5 , were vCenter and IS are installed on the same machine, with vCenter connecting to external DB.

After further digging on logs , got below messages


RROR com.vmware.vim.query.server.provider.impl.ProviderManagerServiceImpl] Store eror processing atom feed:
com.vmware.vim.query.server.store.exception.StoreException: com.xhive.error.XhiveException: SERVER_TERMINATED: The server has terminated, Original message: Not enough storage is available to process this command
at com.vmware.vim.query.server.store.impl.SessionPoolImpl.getSession(SessionPoolImpl.java:165)
at com.vmware.vim.query.server.store.impl.StoreImpl.updateVmomiPullAtomFeed(StoreImpl.java:2105)

Caused by: com.xhive.error.XhiveException: SERVER_TERMINATED: The server has terminated, Original message: Not enough storage is available to process this command
at xDB_9_0_11.uB.zd(xdb:366)


2015-04-14T21:43:36.221-04:00 [10176 error ‘VmProv’ opID=task-internal-1-69b2e9b1-c-1d-3-af] [CallbackManager] Got exception while invoking precheck on PbmCallBack: Invalid response code: 503 Service Unavailable
–> backtrace[00] rip 000000018018b6aa
–> backtrace[01] rip 0000000180105288
–> backtrace[02] rip 000000018010668e
–> backtrace[03] rip 00000001800900f8
–> backtrace[04] rip 00000000005910d5

Also during the same time the vmotions were failing with pbmfault errors

There were no issues with drive space or DB at all.

Checked the Heap memory (wrapper.conf) for the services and it was looking fine as well.

Thus I tried the below steps , as it was failing with pbmfault and I though it must be Profile driven storage space.

Did the below steps :

1. Stop Profile driven storage service.
2. Goto C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\Profile-Driven Storage\conf\log4j.properties
change the values of MaxFileSize and MaxBackupIndex as below.


3. Delete all the logs for PRofile Driven Storage, or take a backup (we took a backup on destop)
4. Restart the Profile-Driven Storage service.
5. Restart the Inventory service

Wow , everything started looking normal and it started working fine.

It seems like somehow the log file disk only for Profile driven storage was getting full.

Happy Troubleshooting 🙂

How to Connect to VCSA/VCVA postgres database

In order to troubleshoot the embedded vpostgres database in VCSA , below steps are used to connect to the database.

1. Connect to VCSA appliance using SSH.

Use the below commands.

vc:~ # cd /etc

vc:/etc # cd vmware-vpx
vc:/etc/vmware-vpx # ls
vc:/etc/vmware-vpx # less embedded_db.cfg

This will give the password within the quotes : only copy the text within the quotes

c:/etc/vmware-vpx # cd /opt/vmware/vpostgres

vc:/opt/vmware/vpostgres # ls
1.0 9.0 current
vc:/opt/vmware/vpostgres # cd 9.0/
vc:/opt/vmware/vpostgres/9.0 # cd bin
vc:/opt/vmware/vpostgres/9.0/bin # sudo -u postgres /opt/vmware/vpostgres/9.0/bin/psql -d VCDB postgres
Password for user postgres: <Type the same password as picked from embedded db.cfg file>
psql.bin (9.0.13)







Now you can execute the sql commands to fetch details from the postgres DB.

Happy Learning 🙂