VIO – Introduction

VMware Integrated OpenStack, you can implement OpenStack services on your existing VMware vSphere implementation.

VIO is made of two main building blocks, first the VIO Manager and second the OpenStack components.

The VIO  Manager provides a workflow that guides you through and completes the VIO deployment process. With VIO Manager, you can specify your management and compute clusters, configure networking, and add resources. Post-deployment, you can use VIO manager to add components or otherwise modify the configuration of your VMware Integrated OpenStack cloud infrastructure.

VMware Integrated OpenStack 2.0 is based on the Kilo release of OpenStack. (Version 1.0 was based on the Icehouse release.)

VMware Integrated OpenStack is implemented as compute and management clusters in your vSphere environment.

The compute cluster handles all tenant workloads and the management cluster contains the VMs that comprise your OpenStack cloud deployment. It also contains the memory cache (memcache), message queue (RabbitMQ), load balancing, DHCP, and database services.

Components forming Openstack services in VIO

The OpenStack services in VIO are architected as a distributed highly available solution made ofthe following components:
• VIO Controllers: An active-active cluster running Nova (n-api, n-sch, n-vnc), Glance,
Keystone, Horizon, Neutron and Cinder services.
• Memcache: active-active memory caching cluster for Keystone performance.
• RabbitMQ: Active-active cluster for messaging used by OpenStack services.
• Load Balancer: An HA-Proxy active-active cluster managing the managemtn and public
virtual IP addresses. Enables HA and provides horizontal scale-out architecture.
• Compute Driver: Node running a subset of Nova processes that interact with compute
clusters to manage virtual machines
• DB: A three node MariaDB Galera Cluster. Stores OpenStack metadata.
• DHCP Servers: OVS enabled nodes running the DHCP service. These two VMs are
registered in NSX manager as hypervisor transport nodes if NSX is used for Neutron.
• Object Storage: Node running OpenStack Swift services

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